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* PWM solar charging function, high charging efficiency.

* Suitable for Lead-acid, LiNiCoMnO2, LiFePO4,LiCoO2 battery, etc.

* IR and MW sensor optional

* Charging battery even in 0 Voltage,activate aromatically.

* Provides built-in boost LED constant current output, able to directly power up to 18 serially connected LEDs Up to 55V, load power up to 120W.

* Efficient charging and efficient LED drive, significantly reducing product temperature rise.

* Intelligent power mode, to maximize the lighting time.

* Advanced constant current control technology to ensure smooth and stable output current, reduce light failure, extend LED life.

* RF remote control settings, read, view data.

* Provides battery reverse protection,solar panel reverse protection,prevent battery discharging to solar panel at night, battery low-voltage protection, battery quit low-voltage protection, LED load short-circuit protection, LED load open-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, TVS anti-thunder protection etc.

* Aluminium case, IP67 standard.

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